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mattmakesmaps Mapping Party This Weekend It's going to rock. It really is.

Having just heard of OSM a little over a month ago, and using their tiles for about two weeks now... I'm really excited to give back to the OSM community. In a way, it's a chance for those who have never committed code to a FOSS project (like me) to really add some positive input back into a community that we are a part of, if only in a small way. But hey, if we are all contributing small bits to the project-at-large... it'll add up. A little 'neogeography', anyone?

Additionally, I have put together a small tool to compare the current OSM offerings to that of various commercial mapping vendors (Google, Microsoft VE). Pretty fun exploration of the OpenLayers API!

Check it out here:

[caption id="attachment_196" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Above: Quick and Dirty OSM Tool"]Above: Quick and Dirty OSM Tool[/caption]