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Stefan Steinger - FOSS Desktop GIS Overview

Found via the Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source (CUGOS) website.

Very recent paper accepted by the International Journal of Geographical Information Science depitcs the current state of the art in FOSS Desktop GIS and much more. The staying power in the article however, IMHO, is the detailed explanation of the various FOSS license agreements which exist and the organisations which play a major role in the development of FOSSGIS as a whole. One of the most interesting tidbits for me was the realization that the Open Geospatial Consortium cannot be equated directly to the FOSSGIS movement.

A couple of people to which we spoke related the activities of  the  Open  Geospatial  Consortium  (OGC,  to  open  source  GIS software.  This  link  is  not entirely  correct,  since  the OGC  is  an  organisation  that  develops standards  for  the processing  and  exchange  of  geo-data  between  different  GIS  platforms. Furthermore a large portion of the member organisations of the OGC, besides universities and authorities, are companies that develop proprietary GIS and Databases.