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Attribution, CSS, and IRC

I've built up the WFS OpenLayers example I've been working on to now include attribution (by hovering over a feature) as well as a pointless select feature capability. Click away! It won't do anything but, that's fine.

A different baselayer is also available, (via tiles). You may notice that some of these tiles fail to reload upon panning and zooming operations. I asked why this was on the OpenLayers IRC, and was told that these tiles basically suck. I'm stuck using them however, as they are Lat/Long WGS84. OSM Mapnik and Google maps require a spherical mercator projection, and as such PROJ.4 needs to be amended to support this EPSG code so that Mapserver and render properly.

[caption id="attachment_121" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Screenshot of simple WFS example"]Screenshot of simple WFS example[/caption]

It looks pretty straightforward, but another project for another day.

In any event, I've kept the OpenLayers WMS as the primary base layer, which doesn't have display issues.