Hand-Rolled Vector Tiles - TileStache

A few weeks ago I found myself surfing the intertubes for instructions on how to serve up some vector tile goodness. That search came up pretty much empty, except for one glimmering thread of hope. The answer, TileStache { <— Imagine that’s a mustache on it’s side.

TileStache is a Python-based server application that can serve up map tiles based on rendered geographic data.

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cURL’ing to FeatureServer From PostGIS: Easier Then I Thought

So I’ve finished cutting a draft tileset using mapnik, depicting bus routes in Bellingham, WA. Now that the cartography is well in progress, I’d like to add some interactivity to the map. My first attempt at this will be to utilize MetaCarta (Chris Schmidt)’s FeatureServer. more →

PL/pgSQL Function to Iterate pgRouting

I’ve been working on a side project using pgRouting to determine the least-cost path across a street network from a given building to the nearest bus stop within Bellingham, WA. It’s one thing to execute pgRouting’s built-in functions for a single vertex (building) to another vertex (bus stop)… but another to have the function iterate through all buildings and their closest bus stop. more →

pgRouting III: PHP + OpenLayers Interface

With the routing database configured and populated, and with geoserver rendering the WMS, now the focus can shift on designing the actual display and functionality.

The conceptual plan is as follows: more →

pgRouting Part II: PostGIS + Geoserver

Since compiling Orkney’s pgRouting extension to PostgreSQL/PostGIS, I’ve decided to try my hand at creating a simple web interface to poke into the database. The current setup is as follows: more →

pgRouting on Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10

While working through Regina Obe and Leo Hsu’s PostGIS In Action I thought that I’d jump into the world of routing. My plan was to develop a sample application that could be used to plan bicycle routes throughout the city of Seattle. A quick google search proved that someone has already done it, and done it very well! http://www.ridethecity.com/ provides cycling routes using OSM data for many major cities, Seattle included. more →